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Encounters w/ Galaxy Gala 1 3 2 4 5 Gala Force The 2014 Galaxy Gala Committee hosted a VIP kick-off event and auction for the upcoming 12th Annual Patricia & Phillip Frost Museum Of Science Galaxy Gala. 6 7 180 1. Alicia Cervera-Lamadrid, Nicole Lozano, Irene Korge, Nancy Batchelor, Gillian Thomas 2. Laura Buccelati, Maria Goodno, Paolo Costalli, Sonia Gibson 3. Debbie Young, Judge Bronwyn Miller, Judge Migna Sanchez-Llorens 4. Kristen Castellan, Leslie Munsell 5. Cameron Sisser, Allison Goldberg, Mike Simmons 6. Gary & Dana Shear, Dionea Orcini, Tony Cusenza 7. Heather Bass, Patricia Foller, Miguel Ferrer, Irene Korge, Mauricio Vellasquez 8. Lizette Martino Diaz, Brian Gray, Leonor Anthony 8