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Success G roomin g BOLD & BEARDIFUL Walk any section of the mean streets of Miami and one thing becomes immediately apparent: Facial hair is fiercely fashionable. Below, top stylist and tastemaker Elena Linares of RazzleDazzle Barbershops gives us some quick tips on monthly maintenance. T I P S BY E LE N A L I N A R E S 1. 4. Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow: If you’re growing your beard for the first time, leave it untouched for 4-6 weeks. This allows the hair to grow in evenly for the perfect trim. To the touch: Beard oils (like Sexy Beard Oil) are a must-buy for a truly epic, healthy and well-groomed beard. It tames and conditions hairs to make them softer and shinier. 2. Wax on, wax off: For the clean, baby skin every man (and their partner) desires, try waxing around your beard to keep your eyes, nose and ears hair-free. Learn your shapes: Consider getting a consultation after the first month of beard growth. For as many types of face shapes out there, there are just as many beard styles. A Master Barber can help you choose the one that best suits you. 3. Keep it clean: Give your beard a good scrub-down several times a week with a gentle cleanser to yield maximum sheen and shapeliness. 56 5. 6. 7. Maintenance: Trimming is a must to keep away from the caveman look; do it yourself or get it done professionally at least twice a week for maximum impact. Training: To get that much-coveted downward-facing facial hair, engage in daily combing with a beard brush. 8. Fade Away: For a seriously sculpted look, a Miami man can’t go wrong with a fade. Graduating to smaller clipper attachments makes your manly mane mesh perfectly with your haircut. 9. Skin is in: Having a beard doesn’t excuse you from a rigorous dermatological regimen. Products like RazzleDazzle Alum Block help tighten the skin in a way that lets your beard shine! 10. Living on the edge: Although obviously home products work just fine, nothing really sculpts and satisfies like a straight razor shave under the watchful eye of a master barber. For a complete experience, try following up with a facial!