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Encounters w/ The Melo Group FOND FAREWELL The Melo Group hosted a farewell celebration for City Of Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado. 1. Martin Melo, Laura Melo, Jose Luis Melo, Carlos Melo 2. Tomás Regalado, Jose Luis Melo, Sevilla Melo 3. Martin Melo, Carlos & Geysy Marquez 4. Ivan Moran, Carlos Curbelo, Janete Moran 5. Laura Melo, Marcelo Alvarez w/ Guest 6. Marcelo Alvarez, Laura Melo, Manuel Kronfle, Lara Restelli Melo, Romina Dominguez, Daniel Dominguez, Javier Aguilar 7. Ivan & Janete Moran 8. Lara Restelli Melo, Geysy Marquez 9. Agnes & Eliseo Rodriguez 10. Carlos Melo, Daniel Alfonso, Carlos Curbelo 1 2 3 4 5 172