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Success 9 T o 5 INTERN CONFIDENTIAL Interns always strive to make a good impression in the hopes of landing a full-time job after graduation. But what’s really going on behind the perky attitudes and big smiles? T E X T BY B I LL L I N D S E Y ALL WORK, ALL PLAY Our corporate policy is “Whatever it takes to get the job done. “Yeah, whatever, I got a social media empire to build in between deadlines! ” CLOCK IN & OUT Our office hours sometime run well past 5 p.m. “Oh, that’s cool, the clubs are boring before 11 p.m.” PAY AS YOU GO Intern appointments are non-paid positions. “Uh…what?! You aren’t going to pay me??? Ramen aisle here I come! ” DRESS TO IMPRESS We require interns to wear office-appropriate clothing. “Great! My neon green spandex mini-dress with my leopard pumps should be perfect! ” EAT & RUN You will be allowed one hour for lunch each day. “No prob, but I’ll need to schedule it to fit in between naps in the copy room – you do practice siestas around here, don’t you? ” SICK DAZE Although not encouraged, you are allowed 4 cigarette breaks per day. “Sounds like I’m going to start smoking! ” FOOD FRIGHT We must respect each other’s food in the breakroom refrigerator. “And this is how Operation Refrigerator Raid begins; if they won’t pay me, they will feed me.” 74