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Success A L a M o de EXEMPLARY CRAFTSMANSHIP The Design District is an inspired neighborhood and shopping destination dedicated to innovative fashion and art. One of the reasons for its cutting-edge reputation is the Felio Siby boutique. TEXT BY SANDY LINDSEY Designer Dominique Siby is closely involved with the entire creative process of her company, from selecting fabrics to the final product. “Every time I bought clothes, I saw that they could have been done in another way,” says the longtime Miami resident. “I always wanted to add something different.” Work on the head-turning luxury bags began while Siby was working the clothing line. “Since I travel a great deal, I always loved duffel bags, and once I started working with exotic leathers like python, crocodile and ostrich, I decided to create my own bags, and now I’m also doing women’s handbags and shoes.” Best of all, 95% of Felio Siby production is handmade in Italy; 305.640.5332; 36