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Encounters @ Blue Martini 1 4 2 3 5 NETWORKING IT Blue Martini continues to maintain its title as the best happy hour in town complete with top-rate drinks and bites for all. — Photos by Christopher Almeida 1. Juliette Diaz, Lorena Diaz 2. Lilibeth Harb, Moy Blanco 3. Kevin Arangio, Ceci Guara 4. Maria Lopez, Monica Gonzalez, Alice M. 5. Alyssa Agresta, Alexandra Somnolet, Kimberly Jurgensen 6. Jessica Petite, Iris Hasta, Karen Aqui 7. Shaid Mendoza, Andrea Amaya, Diego Rojas 8. Jennifer Smith, Samantha Garcia, Marina Fernandez, Joana Maldonado 6 7 180 8