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Encounters @ Taverna Opa 1 4 2 3 5 GREEK STYLE There’s never a dull moment at Taverna Opa atop Mary Brickell Village — and if you don’t believe it, you’d better stop by for happy hour and beyond. — Photos by Christopher Almeida 1. Victoria Hernandez, Ana Feria 2. Cresence Birder, Krystyna Malewski, Susie Templeton 3. Dioni Aira, Angelica Maria Rodriguez 4. Britney Cruz, Sarah Schubert, Andrea Gallipoli, Adriana Lallemand 5. Maga Rached, Jacky & Vanessa Woodruff 6. Jessica Novo, Yenifer Alvarez, Cindy Torna 7. Emily Markell, Courtney Green, Hanna Graves, Gina Clementi 8. Ashley Comes, Yoshi Hayashi, Massiel Linares, Melissa Lora 6 7 176 8