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Encounters w/ Voices For Children 1 2 4 5 KID HELP Voices For Children Foundation Inc. hosted the “Be A Voice Awards Luncheon” with the goal of raising money to benefit foster children in Miami-Dade County. 3 7 174 6 1. Gail Appelrouth, Nelson F. Hincapie, Summer 2. Brett McNaught, Joel Rosenthal, Alain Abramowitz 3. Brittany Lopez, Christian Slater, 4. Deede Weithorn, Javier Vazquez 5. Jay Shapiro, Jennifer Stearns Buttrick 6. Dr. Dorothy Bendross Mindigall, Rebecca Sosa, Valerie Riles 7. Voices For Children’s Be A Voice Awards Luncheon Committee 8. Raul Valdes-Fauli, Claudia S. Santiano, Jolie Balido, Jacques Hart 9. Jeff & Yolanda Berkowitz, Blain Heckaman, Laurie Jennings 10. Judge Cindy Lederman, Michael Hanzman 11. Brian Y. Goldmeier, Sally Heyman, Nelson F. Hincapie 12. Dr. Michael N. Rosenberg, Carlos A. Gimenez 13. Board Of Directors for Voices For Children 14. Michael Wohl, Betty Wohl, Ronald, Betty Smith, Carrie Brewer 15. Denise Sasiain, Summer, Yani Sanchez, Yamille Hernandez 16. Linda Bittel, Nadine Pertnoy, Jodi Orshan, Fern Rosen