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Encounters w/ Cervera Real Estate 1 3 2 4 5 Moving Forward Perfecto Gastropub hosted Cervera Real Estate and some of Miami’s top real estate brokers to celebrate the demolition of the existing structure at the future site of Le Parc At Brickell. 6 7 172 1. Cameron Cervera, Jacqueline Regnault, Jorge Salazar, Bettina Alvarez 2. Aldo Rivera, Alexis Goldman, Mauricio Gaviria 3. Jorge Nuch, Paulina Muro 4. Lisbeth Arellano, Alicia Lamadrid 5. Blanca Rivero, Adriana Martinez 6. Christopher Adeleke, Adrianne Trujillo, Cameron Cervera 7. Jorge Salazar, Aldo Rivera 8. Lisbeth Arellano, Alexandra Grant 8