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Encounters @ Vapiano 1 2 3 4 CHIC SPOT 5 6 Vapiano Restaurant recently hosted a red- carpet grand opening to showcase their menu and venue to area VIPs. — Photos by YAM Photography 1. Stephan Lindenberger, Vapiano’s Franchisee, Mayor Tomas Regalado, Andreas Moser, GM Endre Szabarri 2. Stephan Lindenberger, Andreas Moser, Endre Szabarri 3. Antonio Pinhero, Gabriela Klein 4. Gene Harkey, Fabiola Castro-Harkey 5. Juan Luis Nilo, Mayor Thomas Regalado 6. Mayra Joli, Lissette Gonzalez 7. Silvana Lanfredi, Giselle Real D’Arbelles 8. Bruno Miranda, Marger Palacios-Miranda 7 150 8