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Encounters 1 2 4 3 fall ball Steven F. Arch in association with the Coconut Grove Rotary Club benefitting various local charities hosted the “Fall Ball’’ party at his home. In attendance were top athletes, various business and government officials along with friends looking to have a wonderful time. 5 6 1. Nicole & Rudolf Budja 2. Marlen Bedoya, Brad W. McMorris 3. Brad W. McMorris, Jona Cerwinske, Anthony Thomas, Louis Gachelin 4. Joan Sturge, Mark Sheffield, Kymberly Kilmer 5. Steven F. Arch, Natalie Arch, TJ Arch 6. Sabrina Anna Cruz-Munoz, John Luis Maldonado 7. Jason Berman, Christina Wong, Ingrid Hunter, Andrew Hunter 7 125