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Encounters @ Vizcayne 1 2 3 4 BRAZILIAN CHEER Vizcayne hosted “A Taste of Brazil” on the property’s newly decorated pool deck overlooking Biscayne Bay and Miami Beach. The Brazilian-infused event included cocktails, raffles and giveaways. 1. Anca Mirescu, Lipe Mederios, Juilanna Moronha, Claudio Faria 2. Arne Arneson, Jessica Levy 3. Maria Marin, Rakel Guerrero 4. Evelio Medina, Zlata Barukcic 5. Brenda Schamy, Rachel Levy, Susana Duque 6. Garriet Theophile, Christina Sosa, Stephen Barish 7. Natlie Barbner, Craig Studnicky, Zenaida Figueroa 5 6 112 7