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Encounters HAUTE SHOWCASE Hublot Bal Harbour Boutique recently hosted an extravagant champagne showcase of exclusive pieces created especially for the boutique. Style aficionados from around the world stopped in throughout the event. 1. Rick De La croix, Kristoffer Doura, Susan Becker, Brad Mc Morris, Alex Webb 2. Giancarlo Orlando , Rachel Freeman, Victor Hugo Salazar 3. Bruce Orosz, Floreence Decorme 4. Lidia Muniz, Brad McMorris ,Jeanie Hernandez, Kristoffer Doura, Stephen Schott 5. Name First Name, Name First Name and Name First Name 6. Danny Mora, Gigy Gonzalez, Clara Verano, Maria Claudia Guerrero 7. Martha Hernandez, Rick De La Croix, Marlen Bedoya 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 124