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Success A la M ode Dress to Impress Black-tie affairs aren’t what they used to be. Wearing floor-length gowns no longer applies, and it’s OK to wear more casual, shorter ensembles to even the most exclusive shindigs. This subtly sexy Amanda Uprichard pink dress makes the perfect statement without saying too much. Sweet Accessories Photo by Nicolas Guillen In the native tongue of a Colombian northern tribe, the word “Mishky” means “sweet” — and rightfully so. Mishky bracelets are fun to wear and hand-crafted of sterling silver plaques, colorful beads and a touch of charm. Leading Ladies Many consider the period between the late 1920s and early 1930s among the best years for fashion. These ladies epitomized stellar style on and off the Big Screen. 26 G r e ta G a r b o Famous for: The Mysterious Woman Signature style: Polished Quote: “As a movie star, I’m looked at from every possible direction.” Marlene Dietrich Famous for: Shanghai Express Signature style: The Pantsuit Quote: “I dress for the image — Not for myself…not for fashion…not for men.” J o by n a R a l s t o n Famous for: Why Worry? Signature style: Gypsy Chic Quote: “I may look grand on the Big Screen, but in life I stand 5’1” tall.”