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Success O a sis Magic Crop R ecreational farming in the office? With the LED Grow Light, you can grow real plants in an indoor space without any help from sunlight. The secret is in the perfect combination of red and blue LEDs (Light- Emitting Diodes) that imitate natural sunlight. Imagine growing exotic plants, tomatoes, herbs and seeds in the winter! Each grow light comes with its own transformer and plug. Get one starting at $125 at Sophisticated Stack Tired of bookends and large wall cabinets to store your books? The Spine Wood Bookcase is ideal for narrow spaces and will stack up all of your books, encyclopedias, dictionaries and textbooks in a modern, hip and truly efficient form. With its innovative spine-like design and ten shelves, this contemporary office unit can be yours in dark-chocolate wood or white for just $179. To purchase your own, visit Wall Power Depending on the mood you’re trying to set, there’s pros and cons to any color you pick for your home or office. Here are some color options to consider when remodeling is in order. 24 Red Walls Prime Properties Regardless of how nice the views may be from your office, home is where the heart is. Take a look at these residential offerings to take your personal life to the next level. key biscayne $6,800,000. 5 Bedrooms/ 5 Baths Direct Open Bay Brigitte de Langeron 305.244.7493 Brickell $1,200 to 2,995 a month One Broadway 305.374.1660 Brickell Key $1,550,000. 4 Bedroom / 5 Baths Most afordable 4 Bedroom of the IslandPiquet Realty 786.302.2525 Brickell Bay Drive $499,000 Sheila Bokstein/ R3 Realty 786.346.6844 blue walls Pros: Shows confidence & boldness Pros: Trust color, easy on the eye Cons: Could turn off strong personalities Cons: Could be interpreted as juvenile Best For: Rec room, home office Best For: Accent walls facing windows Orange Walls Pros: Shows creativity and risk-taking Cons: Tacky, distracting Best For: Creative office spaces