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Entrepreneur It’s a Sign! When Jose R. Diaz of D*Signage throws a subliminal message your way, you won’t have any choice but to take notice. Text by Baz Lurz Photos by K ate Benson A s a child, Jose R. Diaz always dreamed of building things from scratch. And so it came that in 2005 he launched D*Signage — a one-stop-shop for complete design, research and implementation of the day-to-day operation of digital signage programs. Today, he serves as the company’s Director of Sales & Technology with his wife, Karina, as the Creative Director and backbone of the company. 34 brickell magazine “Our vision is to provide our clients with the technical tools and services to help improve communication with their audience at the time when they are most attentive and likely to act,” says Diaz. Among his proudest achievements is an installation at Macy’s flagship store in Dadeland Mall that he completed three years ago. That project, which still stands today, earned the 2006 DIGI Judges’ Choice Award for Best Retail Installation Worldwide for Innovation, Technology & Creativity. “The results have been outstanding and all the vendors love it because whatever is on the screen sells!” A few months ago, along with Hines REIT, Diaz created D*Guide — a new service considered to be the ultimate information guide for commercial buildings to communicate with visitors and tenants. Similar in concept and scope, D*Menu targets hungry consumers at quick-service restaurants who are easily influenced by the appealing digital displays in front of them. Currently, D*Signage is working with Baptist Health on implementing digital signage at their hospitals and medical centers, and they just completed a project with the Miami Institute for Age Management & Intervention at the Four Seasons in Brickell to promote their services inside the lobby of the hotel. Additionally, in partnership with Macy’s and Mayors, D*Signage continually works with a variety of exclusive brands including Chanel, Dior, Ralph Lauren, Lancome, Clinique, Rolex, Armani, Bvlgari and H-Stern, to name a few. So what’s in store for Diaz’s future? “Our main goal is to continue providing the best possible service to our current clients,” he says. “Regardless of the current economic situation, we must be loyal and continue to improve our services and offerings.” And judging by the work they’ve done thus far, it seems success will be flashing in front of everyone’s eyes.