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Success B o n V oyag e Power Drive Road Rules If you will be riding with your employees to and from work or if you plan to chauffeur your team to your next meeting, keep these obvious considerations in mind to ensure the ride is a smooth as possible: I f you’ve been looking for a ride that will add an extra jolt to your power lunches when the valet brings your car around for all to see, the new 2009 Mercedes SL 63 won’t disappoint. Mercedes upgrades the popular AMG-customized roadster, the SL 55, with this stunning example of automotive artistry. The new Speedshift Multi-Clutch Transmission seven-speed automatic transmission offers options in Comfort, Sport, Sport Plus and Manual. If all this isn’t enough, Mercedes has given the SL 63 a next-generation facelift that will definitely turn heads wherever your schedule takes you. To get your own SL63 starting at $155,670, visit *RE VIEW BY MARLEN BEDOYA Riding The Corporate Ladder Just for the heck of it, we polled a group of people in Brickell and asked them to match each BMW Series with the person they felt was most likely to drive each vehicle. Our goal? We wanted to prove that the type of car you drive affects every fiber of your being. VOLUME CONTROL: Take advantage of the time you have during the commute to discuss business strategies and goals, not to jam out to your old Beach Boys CDs. If you’re driving colleagues to work in the morning, use this time to catch up on office gossip as opposed to blasting your favorite radio station during the trip. WIND DAMAGE: Don’t roll the windows down if you have important paperwork piled up in the backseat — there’s no way you’ll retrieve them if they get sucked out into the highway. Additionally, don’t smoke when said paperwork is in the backseat. There’s been many a tale of agendas and notes going up in flames thanks to a cigarette butt whipping back into the car after it’s been flicked out. “I’LL CALL YOU LATER!”: Try to avoid phone calls, texts and listening to voicemails. Nothing is more aggravating than being in car with someone who is in their own world. And nobody wants to hear you argue with your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend in cramped quarters where they can probably hear both sides of the conversation. Awkward. BMW 1 Series The green intern prefers this ride because, well, it’s his first Beamer. He’s more concerned about his performance on the job than his performance on the road. Poor guy hasn’t even learned to dress yet. 30 brickell magazine BMW 3 Series This is the perfect car for the young professional with a solid sense of style who also has a solid employment history. The next promotion will bring an upgrade, even if it’s just new wheels. BMW 5 & 6 Series After decades of climbing up the ranks, execs at most firms should plan to drive one of these Bavarian beauties if they plan on taking their career — and their office cred — to the next level. BMW 7 Series Ah, the epitome of road dominance at last! This mechanical warrior’s claim to fame is a plethora of automotive firsts, perfectly in line with well-earned head- honcho status. TRAFFIC SCHOOL: Never drive like a lunatic! Swerving in and out of traffic and cutting off the old lady who gave you the bird isn’t proper business etiquette. And it could result in beverage spillage and inopportune fender-benders. It’s never good to let your coworkers see this side of you, especially right before a major meeting.