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Success E s t he t i que Beauty Retreat VIP Experiences RikRak has created several signature treatments to ensure you look your best every day of the week. Here are a few favorites: FINGERS ‘N’ TOES Price: $115 Combo RikRak’s signature mani/pedi starts with a warm bath of milk of magnesia, honey, cinnamon and gingerbread followed by a drizzle of soothing, warm honey over your hands and feet. Grated almonds are used as a natural exfoliate to remove dead skin cells, while hydrating homemade honey lotions restore moisture into your skin and provide natural antioxidant benefits. nut facial Price: $130 After a full summer of sun, treat your face to a restorative facial with a homemade almond, cinnamon and brown sugar exfoliating scrub that will leave your skin smooth and soothed when coupled with a natural honey mask that helps eliminate fine wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin. EYELASH IMPACT Photo by Moris Moreno W ith its main location on Brickell Avenue in the heart of Miami’s Financial District, as well as salons in the Four Seasons and at the Sagamore, RikRak offers movers-and-shakers all they need with its full-service salon, spa, fashion boutique and café. The spirit behind the salon is the energetic duo of owners, Ric and Raquel Watters (hence the name RikRak), two people with a passion for life that’s only rivaled by their talent for creating timeless, unforgettable styles. Clients can receive rock star treatment equivalent to Jennifer Aniston, Beyoncé Knowles, Nicole Kidman, Lenny Kravitz, Rupert Everett, Yoko Ono, Barbra Streisand, Candace Bushnell and Christina Aguilera, all of whom have indulged at RikRak. Stop by their Brickell location today at 1428 Brickell Ave. or visit Celeb Standard Here are just a few of the celebrities that have been to RikRak over the years and some of their intimate thoughts on style: 24 brickell magazine Price: $150-$450 Lash out and accessorize your eyes with RikRak’s new eyelash extensions. This new method is a beautiful way to accentuate the length and thickness of your lashes. Featured in basic black and brown, or in wild shades of blue, red and purple, each extension lasts up to two months. GREAT LOCKS Price: $300-$2,000 Go to great lengths with the latest trends in hair extensions. Choose from three methods that will transform your locks and allow you to channel the bombshell within. RikRak’s hair professionals can match any color and length with their “Great Length,” “Hair Locks” and “Hot Heads” methods. They also offer a Brazilian Keratin Treatment that ads shine and softness to your natural hair while eliminating frizz. Jennifer Aniston Lenny Kravitz Christina Aguilera “ If you try and be sexy, you’ll never be sexy.” “People think I labor over my image… I’m just having fun.” “I’m a risk-taker…especially when it comes to fashion.”