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Encounters BRICKELL IN BLOOM An audience of residential and commercial real estate professionals gathered recently to hear five industry insiders wholeheartedly agree that the Brickell Avenue corridor has finally delivered on its promise to create a true 24/7 urban lifestyle. “Brickell in Bloom” was the aptly-titled seminar held by the Realtor Association of Miami and the Beaches (RAMB) at 1060 Brickell, a new mixed-use real estate development located in the heart of Miami’s most energetic neighborhood. 1. Marie-Charlotte Piro, Sue Ault, Adam Greenberg & Alyce Robertson 2. Lexi Keller, Krystelle Lopez & Michael Lapointe 3. Desiree Parth, Jolanta Dussaud & Genilde Guerra 4. Sun Chi Wong & Maylei Suen 5. Matt Haggman of The Miami Herald 6. Margarita Gorno, Jorge Catoggio & Jorge Sanchez 7. Steven Perricone 1 2 3 5 4 6 7 november-december 2008 111