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Encounters ANTIQUE LEADERS Alhambra Antiques in Coral Gables recently celebrated its 20-year anniversary and its ongoing status as the leader in the antiques and fine arts industry with the unveiling of an exclusive collection of Post- Impressionist paintings during a VIP party supporting Amigos for Kids. 1. Bill Heffernan, CEO of TotalBank; Douglas Scott; Olga Granda-Scott; Ignacio Granda; & Lyan Fernandez, Executive VIP of TotalBank 2. Claudia Santiago, Martha Guerra & Maria Delgado 3. Dora Valdes-Fauli, Ignacio Granda & Nancy Wilson 4. Rosa Maria Plasencia, Executive Director, Amigos For Kids; Coral Gables Mayor Don Slesnick; Olga Granda-Scott; & Noel Rosquete, VP & Marketing Manager of TotalBank 5. Dr. Margaret Eidson, Evan Siegel, Ana Siegel & Mike Eidson 6. Karla Soimaud & Coco Palenque Torre 1 2 3 4 5 6 november-december 2008 107