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Success B al an ce FRESHMAN FEELING We’ve all been there…that first dreaded mistake at a new job. But don’t fret, here are other people’s horror stories so you don’t have to feel so bad about yours! TEXT BY KAYLA AVILA “On my first day as Branch Manager, I called everyone on my team into the conference room. While I spoke about next month’s projections, my Facebook page was being displayed behind my back…left on a page of a horrible family album…Needless to say, I never turn my back on my computer.” — Alejandro N., Branch Manager 46 “A mere 2 weeks after I met my new boss, I realized I’d been spelling his name incorrectly in all of my emails — autocorrect had changed ‘Jefferies’ into ‘Jerkies’...I only found out about the faux pas because my co-worker replied LOL to a group thread. Talk about an awkward moment!” — Samuel T., Junior Copywriter “I experienced what I’ve come to call my ‘You only had one job’ moment shortly into my new position. I scheduled a dial-in conference with my team and my task was to watch and learn. After 15 minutes into the call with no answer, I checked my e-mail only to realize I hadn’t send out the invitations to the clients!” — Chantal L., Sr. Account Executive “Only a few days into my job, I was having a rather heated argument with my wife on the phone when I walked away from my desk for privacy and mistakenly opened the Emergency Exit door, causing the alarm to ring loudly throughout the whole building. So much for being discrete…” — Melissa H., Chief Creative Officer