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Encounters w/ Elysee Miami 1 2 3 BROKER POWER Two Roads Development hosted a broker’s event at the Sales Center for Elysee Miami, awarding hundreds of thousands of dollars in commission checks to the project’s top-selling brokers. — Photos by World Red Eye 1. Jerry Sanchez, Alicia Cervera Lamadrid, Sandra Masis, Reid Boren, Taylor Collins 2. Veronica Cervera Goeseke, Alicia Cervera, Sr., Lydia Juliao 3. Ali Lamadrid, Taylor Collins 4. Reid Boren, Pearla Machaen, Robert Thorne 5. Emily Gimblett, Franco Tommasi 6. Tomas Hoffman, Sandra Masis, Jesse Ottley 7. Michelle Quinoa, Kinga Konsorska 8. Jennifer Cervera, Juan Estrada, Yanet De Castro 9. Fernan Hernan Hernandez, Alessandra Ulrich, Holger Odenstein, Gilberto Quintero 10. DJ Sasha Lauzon 4 158