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Encounters w/ The Children’s Trust 1 2 3 LOCAL HEROES The Children’s Trust’s “Champions For Children”12th Annual awards ceremony celebrated and honored local stars of child advocacy. 1. John Richard, Andrea Fletcher, Makeesha Coleman, Frederica S. Wilson, Rocio Leiva, René García, Jim Haj 2. James Haj, Frederica S. Wilson 3. Maytee & Javier Perez, Jim Haj 4. Nelson Hincapie, Xavier Suarez, Nick Duran 5. Ayannah Ciceron, 6. Jeremiel Sylne 7. Galia Pennekamp, Dori Foster Morales, Claudia Grillo 8. Javier Perez, Ian Moffet 9. Esther Jacobo, Modesto Abety, Laruie Weiss Nuell, Katy Sorensen 10. School Board Members 4 146