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Success G i v ing TRANSFORMING WORLDS On Oct. 27, Jumpstart’s Read For The Record will have millions of adults reading the same book to young children to raise awareness for childhood literacy. T E X T BY SA N DY L I N D S E Y For the 7th consecutive year, United Way of Miami-Dade will participate in Jumpstart’s vital Read For The Record campaign. This year, more than 70 United Way Young Leaders will read The Bear Ate Your Sandwich by Julia Sarcone-Roach to toddler and preschool students at the United Way Center for Excellence in Early Education, through its Demonstration School, Educare Of Miami. The one-on-one reading event is designed to start the youngsters on the road to continued reading and learning beyond the classroom with interactive activities related to the book. This is just a small part of United Way’s focus on improving early literacy via its early education programs, parents and educator seminars and trainings, and the ReadingPals volunteer reader program; 42