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Success C r e at i v e CITY PLAY Miami’s ambassador for live music, by way of Atlanta, Isabella Acker, is at the forefront of The Prism Music Group. Through her role, she helps curate a creative community collective in the city. T E X T BY F R A N CE S C A C R UZ Isabella Acker is the supernova behind the community- wide effort that consists of events that include bonfires under the stars, movie nights, famers’ markets, live music concerts and creative workshops. This Southern charmer moved to Miami 7 years ago and fell in love with the potential she saw in our city. “In place of focusing on voids, I focus on the room there is to pioneer,” she says. “All of the pop-up concerts, laid-back rooftop happy hours, guided city tours, farm-to-table dinners and intimate storytelling that I love to indulge and share in are the kinds of things I want to create, develop and make accessible in Miami.” And she and her team have done exactly that — the second you step foot in one of her events, there’s a sense of “Ah, yes, I could belong to this tribe.” Her mantra is: “Go out there and create the city you want to be proud to call home.”; 46