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Encounters @ Blue Martini 1 3 2 4 5 Conversation starters If you’re looking for a spot to meet new people while enjoying live music, stiff drinks and tasty bites, Blue Martini is always a great place to socialize from happy hour to closing time. — Photos by Christopher Almeida 6 7 1. Marta Queipo, Jessica Reyes, Mari Serrano, Caryn Lida 2. Vanessa Espinosa, Alexandra Manrique, Katie Husta, Alex Fumagali 3. Angely Rosich, Gianna Kleinmann 4. Ignacio Rodriguez, Ricky Patel 5. Monica Offred, Tule Cabrera 6. Bahadir Sonmez, Erdal Aksou, Ramazan Oguz 7. Claudia Curiel, Paola Rueda, Mercy Dorta 8. Danny Vercetti, Miguel Morel, Karen Araque, Frank Rosell 8 161