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Encounters @ Baltus House 1 3 2 4 5 Dream design The Related Group and Dacra celebrated Baltus House by presenting a preview of the future of Design District living, along with special guests artists Lluis Barba and Jaime Gili, who are both creating significant pieces for the property. 6 7 160 1. Craig Robins, Jorge Perez, Carlos Rosso 2. Ana Mora, Claudia Moya, Kari Fernandez 3. Edgardo Defortuna, Andres Asion 4. Fernando Alpern, Sonia Figueroa, Hernan Gleizer 5. Alehandra Von Hartz, Jorge Perez, Jaime Gili 6. Marie Auger, Chris Soares, Rose Marie Friedman 7. Lluis Barba, Jorge Perez, Jaime Gili