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Encounters @ Balans 1 3 2 4 5 Be Seen Whether you stop in for a bite during breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, Balans is one of Brickell’s top spots to be seen. — Photos by Christopher Almeida 1. Robin Pinero, Vanessa Guillén, Maggie Sanchez 2. Andy Russell Sarah Packiam, Steve Argy 3. Sebastien Pasquali Lorraine Loaiza 4. Paola Echeverri, Jessica Fernandez 5. Jessica Quintanilla, Lea Mittrany 6. Jerome Morlot, Camille Mendez, Stephanie Desbazeille, Arnaud Boué 7. Erika Henao, Maria Vengoechea 8. Obin Mendez, Melissa Jubera, Patrick Chevrolet, Sebastian Zelaya 6 7 156 8